Raising Liver Cancer Awareness
Amy Manley
Amy Manley
May 10, 2018
By learning more about liver cancer and the facts that surround it, you can do your part towards raising liver cancer awareness.

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What Causes Liver Cancer?

Pinpointing What Causes Liver Cancer for Better Prevention

There is a hereditary component to liver cancer, but more environmental and lifestyle factors can impact your risk. Let's look at what causes liver cancer.
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Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

Liver Cirrhosis Causes and Links to Liver Cancer

Research shows that liver cirrhosis can cause liver cancer. Learn more about what causes liver cirrhosis and possible treatments to lower cancer risks.
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Alcohol and Liver Cancer

The Link Between Alcohol Use and Liver Cancer

While some experts say there isn’t a link between alcohol and liver cancer, others believe there is a strong link, but only when consumed excessively.
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Causes of Liver Cancer

Causes of Liver Cancer

Learning about the causes of liver cancer and what puts you at risk for developing this form of cancer, allows you to understand what you’re going through.
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